Communicative English provides a broad assortment of writing courses. Working with the written word plays a role of central importance at Communicative English. We are a language services firm, providing both language training and copyediting services. With a team of highly skilled and experienced editors located across nine time zones, we have edited texts by many prominent figures (e.g. José Manuel Barroso and the late Wilfried Martens) and by scholars from universities and think tanks across Europe and beyond. Generally speaking, we work with texts written by non-native speakers. Our writing courses draw upon our expertise in editing, bringing this over into the domain of language training.

Each participant works with a writing tutor who guides him or her through the course and provides personalised feedback. Writing courses are carried out through Communicative English Online, our online management platform. A writing course is made up of a given number of units, each of which consists of a writing exercise and the materials that accompany it: one or more on-line tutorials and quizzes (the supporting materials differ from unit to unit). It takes approximately one week to work through each unit. Therefore, one can expect a ten-unit course to take about two-and-a-half months to complete.

It is usual to include a number of sessions with the course tutor. These sessions can be organised as face-to-face lessons (in Belgium), as telephone sessions or as online chat sessions.

Many course participants combine work on their writing skills with a course in speaking and comprehension (see under Speaking).