'Very useful.' 'Excellent teacher . . . !!'

(Cash management specialist, Brussels)

'The course definitely met my expectations and helped me to further develop my English. I would like to say a special word of thanks to the teacher for his skilled and enthusiast way of teaching: I've really enjoyed following this course.'

(Course participant from the insurance industry)

'The lessons are above my expectations . . . I have really learnt a lot.'

(Participant from a Belgian machine part manufacturer)

'This course was excellent and terribly useful for me.'

(National Field Sales Manager at a consumer product multinational)

'Lessons were interactive and clear.' 'Thanks for being so professional and dynamic.' 'It was really a pleasure to improve my English with you.'

(Participant from an international supply chain consultancy)

'. . . a really professional teacher. To be recommended for other students.'

(Advertising manager)

'Flexible and very professional.'

(Cash management specialist at a large European financial institution)

'I experienced the course as very useful, with lots of professional items, brought by an admirable teacher who balances so well between the necessary seriousness and the sense of humor and forms of entertainment.'

(Participant from the Investigations Department of a large financial institution)

'Very professional teacher. Covered all the requirements explained at the beginning.'

(Business analyst, banking and insurance)

'The lessons really matched my needs.'

(Consultant at a leading supply chain planning software provider)

'The course clearly met my expectations and I feel more confident in English.'

(Business Analyst in the Cash Management Competence Center of a leading bank)

'The course was very practical and useful. The alternation between the online units and the face-to-face lessons with the teacher was very good.'

(Internal Auditor at a European bank)

'A lot of useful tips and tricks.'

(Compliance Adviser at a Belgian bank)

'The added value for me is real.'

(Head of the Talent Factory at a financial institution)

'Thank you for your incredible support!'

( Managing Director of a Belgian machine parts manufacturer)


'I found it very important that the course wasn't a general course but really interacted with what I needed to learn. It was a very interesting course, specified to my questions.'

(Account manager's assistant from a Benelux bank)

'Excellent methodology.'

(Participant from the International Credit Department of a large European bank)

'I want to thank Communicative English for this very useful and tailor-made course. [My teacher] is a wonderful teacher who really understood what were my needs. He has challenged me in a smart way to bring me to a higher level in my written English.'

(Internal auditor at a well-known European bank)

'I got a lot from the lessons and your feedback was always very professional.'

(Executive assistant at the Scandinavian branch of a global banking and financial institution)

'Very intensive course. The feedback we received on our projects was very helpful and useful in our job.'

(Participant in a writing course for advanced students; from a Belgian financial institution)

'I would recommend this course.'

(Lawyer at a law firm in the Brussels area)

'I really enjoyed the course and I've learned a lot.'

(Internal auditor, Brussels)

'I have learned during these last five months. I know my weaknesses and can work on it. Many thanks!!'

(Lawyer at a Brussels law firm)

'I am very pleased with the content and organisation of the course.'

(Finance manager from an international audit firm)

'I really enjoy my English course with [my Communicative English teacher]. He is very professional and I have learned a lot with him.'

(Lawyer at a Brussels law firm)

'I found the course useful and well-organized. The exercises I received were always different and very much in line with my day-to-day writing needs. Explanations (both written and oral) were clear and helpful. I think that my skills have improved significantly'

(R&D Technologist at a global food production company)

'This was really a very good course to brush up my knowledge of the English language. The course was very useful! Thanks a lot.'

(Development and training assistant at an established wind turbine designer)