Communicative English provides a broad range of courses, these being tailored to meet the specific needs of the participants. Many participants are interesed in improving their general Business English skills, but we also provide courses orientated to the specific needs of relationship managers from the credit department, credit analysts, auditors, legal advisors, investigations personnel, compliance officers, and still others. There are courses in speaking and comprehension, and we give writing courses as well.

Courses come in a great variety of forms and structures, but they have certain elements in common. These are described below.

Getting off to a good start
Before a course begins, future participants do an online diagnostic test (which helps determine their levels) and complete an online needs analysis (which helps to establish the course objectives). Moreover, there is always a pre-course interview (which is carried out either face-to-face or by telephone).
Participants in a Communicative English course are carefully guided towards their objectives from beginning to end. The emphasis is on interaction, on practical use. The participants' progress is regularly evaluated and the original objectives can be modified or adapted as required. Moreover, student-generated evaluations augment the constant student–teacher interaction in ensuring that the course stays on track. When the course comes to an end, we issue a comprehensive final report detailing the way in which the course has proceeded and in what situations the participant can now function in the target language and to what degree of skill.
Experienced teachers
The Communicative English team is made up of experienced, dedicated language teachers. Our teachers and writing course tutors are native speakers from Britain, North America and beyond. University educated and with broad backgrounds, they are familiar with participants’ needs and approach their work in a professional, enthusiastic manner.
Communicative English Online
Each course has its own course site (a website) on Communicative English Online, our online learning management system. Course participants can access their own course site 24 hours a day from work or from home—in fact, from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection.