Editing rates

Communicative English editing services are priced competitively. If you would like to know how much it would cost to edit one of your texts, simply send it to us (see below). In calculating the price, we take the following into account:

Nature of the assignment The editing is done in 'rounds' (see Methodology), we charge in accordance with how many rounds will be required (see below).
Quality of the English This can vary even considerably from text to text and makes a real difference in how much time and effort it takes to edit a document..
Number of references A document with a large number of references can require considerably more time and effort on our part, particularly if these have not been entered carefully. Most business texts, on the other hand, will contain few references.
Sample rates
Number of Rounds Price per source word (EUR)
One round 0.05–0.07
Two rounds  
Three rounds Please contact us.
Receiving a quotation
If you are interested in having us edit a text for you, simply send it to us: click here. Include information on when the editing needs to be completed and how many rounds are required. We will get back to you promptly with a quotation and will let you know how long the editing will take.